With a capacity for approximately 400 people, two floors, two restaurant rooms, a terrace and two bars, Lota da Esquina brings a new life to the historic fishing market, at the Cascais Bay.

At Lota da Esquina, Chef Sobral’s motto in all his projects lives on: To honour and reinvent Portugal’s gastronomical tradition – with four spaces dedicated to the elements, where it is possible to bring to life events that involve lunches, dinners, cocktails and open bar – with entertainment and music.


On this floor we pay tribute to the historical fishing tradition of Cascais village. Fish and seafood – bought daily from local fisherman – are the stars.

Open kitchen, central bar, support bar, a décor with shades of blue, group tables for 20 people and a WC.

140 m2
maximum capacity – 108


Here coal cooking is king. Organic meat and vegetables’ flavors are elevated by the delicious simplicity of charcoal. A wide range of wines is the perfect complement to a distinct experience.

Wide windows, illuminated room, group tables, a clear view to the village center, redish colors and ceiling plants.

215 m2
Maximum capacity – 120


A perfect space for moments of sharing and coming together, alongside oysters and marinated dishes, champagnes and sparkling wines. Soon to have a terrace, where good moments will be seasoned with the ocean breeze.

14 m2
Maximum capacity – 10


Cocktails from the four corners of the world are the perfect motto for a dance floor where you will always find entertainment with live bands and DJs.

Wide space for events with buffet meals, tropical décor with wood and fabric textures.

126 m2
Maximum capacity – 120

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