For Chef Vítor Sobral, the origin and quality of all the products in his kitchen are everything. Only ingredients from certified origins – and total respect for their seasonality and freshness – are acquired among local producers, as a result of all the knowledge and trustworthy connections accumulated by the Chef throughout the years. This philosophy ensures that the ecological footprint of everything we create is as small as possible, and that is reflected in the taste of every recipe!

Following that path of environmental awareness, we highlight a partnership with Horta Quinta do Pisão, that will be our supplier for fruits and vegetables, produced right here in Cascais, four our kitchen.


The fishing tradition of Cascais – and Portugal – are represented on this menu. We carefully choose fresh fish and seafood, among local fisherman. One fixed menu, and a daily one that changes according to the available fish of the day, and a guarantee: freshness and flavour are always on the menu.


With biological meat and vegetables, the quality of each ingredient is the secret for a genuine Portuguese gastronomical experience. Nobel cuts, maturated meats and different specialties are harmonized with exquisite wines.


Drinks and cocktails from the four corners of the world will inspire you to dance to live bands or DJs. There are bars, and then there are dancing bars…